Her Lowest Paying Job, Reaped The Highest Reward

Who would’ve known a girl from lil ol’ Pennslyvania was going to move across the globe to Hong Kong and work for Calvin Klein as their Chief Brand Officer? I can sure as hell tell you that’s not a bet I would’ve made.

Her Journey From Employee to Entrepreneur

Let me guess, you feel like you have your entire life ahead of you but at the same time you should’ve figured your shit out yesterday. You know who knows exactly how you feel? Jackie Brousseau Post. Like you, she soon realized, the “real world” is a completely different ball game.

At 9 Years Old She Manifested Her Dreams

Have you ever felt powerless as if the whole world is against you? As someone who doesn’t have it all figured out, (like most of you), I asked Maria a few questions about her career, success, and challenges she faced; take a look-

She Believes You CAN Have It All

Do you ever feel like you have all the time in the world but also feel like time is running out? I so get you. Who’s better to ask than someone who’s already done it?