She Said To Hell With Meaningless Labels

In a world that tells you who you should be, Dayanna is divinely, purely, and boldly herself. Dayanna is a self-made entrepreneur, artist, and dancer. She is a Bridgeport local whose journey has just begun and shows no signs of stopping. Dayanna doesn’t believe her “here” is anything to brag about but she has made a name for herself. Dayanna is Dayverse, welcome to her universe.

Meet Dayanna


Who is she?

“Well, the generic answer would be ‘I’m Colombian, I study this, and I have these many siblings, and I am from this place’.”

Dayanna believes she is so much more than these meaningless labels. She embodies everything that has made her into who she is. Starting with her first solo trip alone at the age of 17 years old. Since then she has taken over five solo trips, her most recent trip to Brazil. These trips were crucial to her finding herself and her place in the world. She allowed herself to embrace her fears and challenge societal norms.

“Like the idea that women can’t travel alone because it’s dangerous.”

Dayanna feels it’s one of her responsibilities to stand up for those who do not have a voice. She believes she is connected to everyone and anyone, her connections are universal. Dayanna primarily sees herself in the youth, the future of our generations.

“I am a ‘Ms. Mazo’ in a lot of places.”

So, if you were looking for a plain and simple icebreaker answer then you’ve come to the wrong place. Dayanna encompasses everything that has made her into who she is, no experience too small. Step into Dayanna’s universe, DAYVERSE.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Dayanna believes in the universe’s plan. She feels and embraces all the signs presented to her. Her first sign leading her to start Divine & Gracious. You might not believe it all started with an “I have nothing to wear” except the jewelry version. She simply got bored with her current jewelry pieces and decided to take apart three pairs of earrings and make new ones. Dayanna had no intention of creating and selling pieces, she just wanted something different. Then, people kept asking her where she got them from. The next moment was when she knew,

“I made them.”

Dayanna said it suddenly felt so clear. This is where the universe was leading her. The universe was telling her the time is now; people love it, you love it, make some magic.

What are three words that describe your brand?

Dayverse represents who she is. Dayanna is divine, pure, and bold. Divinity is involved in her creating process. There is no pressure to continue to create just to stay relevant.  She does not create just to keep up with everyone else. Everything keeps moving so fast and you feel like you have to “get right or get left”.

Purity is essential to her because she is authentic.

“Everything is so diluted.”

Dayanna understands how easy it is for people to become influenced by outside forces and lose themselves. Whether it is your parents, teachers, media, or institutions, it’s something we face every day. She has been able to stay true to herself regardless of worldly influences. Even though there are so many restrictions our society places on us, Dayanna feels limitless.

Who do you design for?

Dayanna feels like her answer to this question is a double-edged sword. Her pieces are meant for the “young crowd.” (People between 18-24 years old.)

“It sucks because the young crowd is a particularly interesting one, they would rather spend their money on big businesses that exploit people than to support a small business.”

It’s become so much harder to market to this audience because it’s nearly impossible to grab their attention.

“You have about 15 seconds to grab someone. When has it ever become that?”

She also has a difficult time creating unique content and products because it’s so easy for people to have a herd mentality. People are much more likely to oppose local artists creating genuine and authentic content than to support them.

Dayanna feels an artist needs to separate themselves from the rest, show them your version of reality.

More recently, Dayanna released her clothing line under her brand Dayversespace. She is currently taking a break from jewelry and focusing on clothing, including a range of t-shirts with various designs.

“I knew that I wanted the designs to be a representation of our world and even beyond our world. It is the underlying systems that impact the way that we think, feel and see our own reality.”

The moral of the story is to be true to yourself. Dayanna has let her experiences change her for the better. Take every day as an opportunity to grow and learn. Your experiences don’t define you, you define your experiences.  Dayanna is a young woman with a bright future ahead, join her on her journey.

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