Her Journey From Employee to Entrepreneur

Let me guess, you feel like you have your entire life ahead of you but at the same time you should’ve figured your shit out yesterday. I get you. You know who knows exactly how you feel? Jackie Brousseau Post. Jackie graduated from the University of Connecticut back in 1999 and imagined she’d be making way more than minimum wage post-grad. Like you, Jackie soon realized, the “real world” is a completely different ball game.

Jackie Brousseau Post


Jackie actually started her professional career as an assistant at a drug testing company and soon learned that is exactly what she didn’t want. She then moved on to work for NBC as a radio host delivering urgent traffic-related news. Jackie worked at NBC for about two and a half years dabbling in T.V. and radio. She then found herself in Massachusetts working as a morning anchor and reporter for 22 News.

Just up until recently Jackie was working for CT Spotlight. After the show ended she decided to pursue her dream and founded The Scoop-Glastonbury. The Scoop connects residents and businesses showcasing what’s happening in town. Now, like any startup, you’d expect the results to be underwhelming at first but au contraire! The Scoop Glastonbury has taken off and shows no signs of stopping.

If you want to know how Jackie went from being miserable in her career to be her own boss, keep reading-

How did you know? (Regarding career choice)

Jackie’s passion for media started young. T.V., radio, you name it, Jackie loved it.

We used to record ourselves when we were younger as if we were on a radio show and I’d be the host.”

Jackie jumped at her first opportunity to get involved in the biz. During her college days, she joined her local T.V. station, UCTV. Jackie covered anything and everything on campus, from one-ton sundae to huskython.

What is something you wish you knew in your 20’s?

“Take more risks.”

Jackie is not a risk taker. She believes had she taken a leap of faith she would’ve been successful earlier on.

You don’t need to be so fearful of the outcome.”

If you make the wrong decision then you can just make another decision. Don’t let the fear of looking silly, not doing your best, or failing hold you back.

What is something you learned in college?

Jackie learned to surround herself with people who have a positive influence on her life.

“I don’t hang out with anyone who makes me feel bad.”

Jackie appreciates quality over quantity. She believes there will come a time when you get over having a ton of friends.

Did you have any pre-conceived notions going into the workforce? If so, what were they?

“I thought I’d be making a lot more money.”

Jackie pictured herself receiving a pretty penny post-grad, however, that was not the case. Her first position paid nine dollars an hour. Can you believe that? Nonetheless, Jackie made it work. She did occasionally have to ask mom and dad to chip in for bills.

Jackie mentioned that having related work experience can go a long way. Like most of us, she had to start from the ground up.

What was the most difficult challenge of your career thus far?

Jackie had been working at 22 News full-time but desired something more. She envisioned herself reaching a larger audience. She applied for every job ad she laid her eyes on. Either she was going big or going home. Jackie ended up going home. She applied to ad after ad and could not land an anchor position in Connecticut.

“Am I not meant to do this?”

Jackie soon gave up on her desire to be in CT. She was tired of nothing working out.

“It was too much.”

As soon as Jackie stopped stressing over it, everything fell into place. Jackie believed it was her time to move onto something new. Instead of continuing to worry, she had faith that everything would work out, and it did.

Don’t stress about becoming the world’s youngest C.E.O.- Charles Ranlett Flint launched IBM at 61. Robert Noyce co-founded Intel at 41. Bernie Marcus co-founded Home Depot at 50. Donald Fisher co-founded Gap at 41. Need I go on? I know how corny this is but- “don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20.” Your journey is exactly that, yours.

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